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Our team of dietitians are here to help translate the science of nutrition research into practical solutions for living your best life. Diabetes care, kidney disease, weight management, and food sensitivity counseling make up the majority of clients. We offer safe and understandable nutrition education in a way that would make our moms proud.



When you are ready to set aside fads and gimmicks to make a new healthier lifestyle, call the rehabfirst dietitians. For over a decade, we have worked to assemble the best educational tools and team to help you achieve and maintain your healthiest weight. We believe in making positive, lifelong habit changes.



We aim to care for your weight management goals, safely, respectfully, and ‘once and for all’.

Tools we keep on hand to help make lasting habit changes; resting metabolic rate testing with accurate FDA machine, Medifast meal replacement program that is FDA approved.



Diabetes diet education with a registered dietitian is covered by your health insurance. Under Medicare, there are no copay or deductible fees as diabetes diet education are preventative educational services.



Through proper diet, you can significantly slow the progression of kidney disease. This education with a registered dietitian is covered by your insurance.



Food sensitivity testing and dietitian provided nutritional counseling for the following:


            Irritable Bowel Syndrome


            Rheumatoid Arthritis




Medifast by Rehab First

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