Rehab First | Pain and Regenerative Medicine

Pain and Regenerative Medicine

RehabFirst is a leader in the Brazos Valley in the regenerative approach to the treatment of pain. We take a whole-body approach to treatments, including nutrition components. More importantly, your desired lifestyle and personal goals are placed at the center of your care plan. We are the only medical professionals to offer joint and injury care using prolotherapy.



We can help you with the following conditions:


Neck and back pain

Shoulder and elbow injury and pain

Tennis and golfers elbow

Wrist pain in bicyclists and after injury

Hip pain and osteoarthritis

Tailbone pain

Sports hernia

Iliotibal band syndrome

Piriformis syndrome

Hip and knee bursitis

Ankle pain and chronic sprain injuries

Scar pain

Pain in chronic conditions

            including Parkinson’s, post-stroke, post-brain injury





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